ePrep helps me effectively teach a large group of students. ePrep automatically adapts itself to each student's ability level. In addition, ePrep's Study Hall allows me to accurately track all of my students in over 150 specific academic content areas.

Mike D.
Math Teacher
Central Bucks High School - East


I wish my teachers explained things as well as ePrep experts do.

Katie F.
Clearwater, FL


Thanks a million for your help!!! Hannah brought her score up from a 28 (stuck for three consecutive tests) to a 30! This means she will get a full scholarship at her chosen school. Our friends will hear about your terrific service. You saved us $20,800!

Katrina L.
Saint Peters, MO


ePrep is easy to use and the videos are easy to follow. I practice with ePrep whenever I have a break in my busy schedule. I have actually been doing better in school since I started eprepping for the SAT.

William M.
Orange County, CA


My son is an athlete with a busy schedule. I feel good knowing that ePrep will not only help him score higher on the SAT, it will help him prepare for the academic demands of a selective college.

T. Bracken
Wilmington, DE

School District Administrator

This is our third year using ePrep. Year in, year out, students, teachers, and parents of all three high schools in Central Bucks are delighted with ePrep for the PreACT 9/10, PSAT, SAT, and ACT. We are excited to have been one of the first school districts to use ePrep.

Alyssa W.
Coordinator of Secondary Language Arts, PEN, Libraries, and Graduation Project
Central Bucks School District


With our third child, we went with ePrep instead of a local tutor or a well-known SAT course. It was the best money we spent getting a child into a good college. I wish we had done it for Dylan's older brother and sister.

Sally H.

College Admissions Officer

ePrep's user interface is well designed, the program is intuitive, and videos are truly eye-opening. Because higher test scores help with admissions and merit-based scholarships, ePrep makes sense for all college-bound students.

Lee Stetson
President, Stetson College Advisory
Former Dean of Admissions, University of Pennsylvania


ePrep is a transparent program that invites parents into the black box of test prep. I actually enjoyed sitting with my son and watching the videos. Where was ePrep when I was a teenager?!

K. Morse
Princeton, NJ

College Financial Aid Officer

If you hope to have your child increase his or her test scores and become better prepared for college, ePrep is a great solution. ePrep videos address critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, in addition to content and strategy.

Don Betterton
Principal, Betterton College Planning
Former member of Admission Committee and Director of Financial Aid, Princeton University

College Admissions Officer

I got to know the founders of ePrep when they were undergraduates at Princeton University back in the late 1980s. They are innovators who, fifteen years out of college, used their experiences in education to create a video-based online delivery platform that simulates the often pricey private tutoring experience.

Fred Hargadon (1934-2014)
Former Dean of Admissions,
Stanford University and Princeton University