Panel of Experts

Karl Schellscheidt

SAT Prep Expert

  • BSE, Princeton University '90
  • M.A., Secondary Education Seton Hall University '93
  • J.D., University of Pennsylvania Law School '00

Fred Hargadon

Dean of Admission

  • Swarthmore College
  • Stanford University
  • Princeton University

Don Betterton

Financial Aid Expert

  • Director of Financial Aid, Princeton University (1973-2006)
  • Certified College Planner
  • Principal, Betterton College Planning

Seamus Malin

Admission Expert

  • Harvard University
    Dir. of Financial Aid
    Asst. Dean of Admission
    International Office Director

How to Ruin Your College Application

Michelle Hartwell -

college admissions expert advice from eprep.comJay Mathews from the Washington Post recently wrote an amusing article on what not to do in your college application.

The article Ten Stupid Ways to Ruin Your College Application cites how tasteless Myspace and Facebook profiles, inappropriate email addresses and sarcasm during interviews could ruin your chances at getting into the college of your choice.

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Life After the PSAT

Michelle Hartwell -

eprep test prep video

Last week was PSAT week for high school juniors and seniors across the nation. Students - did you stress over this test or did you take this event in stride? Did you feel prepared or did you feel blindsided? Take our poll and let us know!

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    Taking the PSAT Enters You into a Scholarship Competition

    Michelle Hartwell -

    college admissions expert advice from eprep.comJust a little FYI here. The actual name of the PSAT is PSAT/NMSQT - The Preliminary SAT®/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. When you take the PSAT in your junior year of high school, you are also entered into the running for a scholarship (more…)

    ePrep on Tour

    Eric Barnes -

    eprep test prep videoThis weekend marks the start of several seminars we have planned to discuss SAT planning and preparation at regional high schools. If you live in the Southern California area, join us this Saturday, October 13 at Estancia High School in Costa Mesa, CA as Karl will give the keynote address at “The Plan”, an all-day session focused on college planning. Sponsored by GetCollegeFunding, The event starts at 9am with the keynote and continues through 3pm with workshops on college admissions, financial aid, and SAT / ACT test preparation. Parents and their children are invited and the cost is free. To register, click here.

    “The Plan” (Everything you need to know about college planning in one day :)
    Saturday, October 13, 2007 9am-3pm
    Estancia High School
    2323 Placentia Ave.
    Costa Mesa, CA, 92627

    College Fairs

    Michelle Hartwell -

    college admissions expert advice from eprep.comAs a high school student, it’s probably safe to say that you will spend a great deal of time thinking about and finding the right college to attend. This can be a simple task, as maybe you already have a school in mind. But what if (more…)

    SAT Essay Rubric - Grammar and Word Usage

    Karl Schellscheidt -

    eprep test prep videoThis entry is the fifth and final video post dedicated to explaining the categories of the SAT essay grading rubric - or scoring guide. In this entry Karl discusses Grammar and Word Usage.


    SAT Essay Rubric - Sentence Structure

    Karl Schellscheidt -

    eprep test prep videoThis entry is the fourth of five video posts dedicated to explaining the 5 different categories of the SAT essay grading rubric - or scoring guide. In this entry Karl talks about Sentence Structure.


    Do High School AP Classes Help with College Admissions?

    Michelle Hartwell -

    college admissions expert advice from eprep.comTaking high school AP courses can help you stand out in the eyes of College Admissions departments and can help you prepare for the type of course work you will encounter in college. So should you jump in and apply for AP classes? Well, yes — but only if (more…)

    Avoiding Scholarship Scams

    Michelle Hartwell -

    college admissions expert advice from eprep.comCollege is just around the corner for many kids and most will have questions about how to fund this endeavor. Savings, student loans, grants and scholarships are all part of covering college fees, but scholarships can provide great benefits because unlike loans, scholarship payouts do not have to be repaid. Free money essentially — provided you (more…)

    Q & A with Don and Seamus: Financial Aid for International Students?

    Karl Schellscheidt -

    college admissions expert advice from eprep.comWe continue our question and answer session with expert Don Betterton with a question submitted by Masha:

    Is financial aid available for international students?


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