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Panel of Experts

Karl Schellscheidt

SAT Prep Expert

  • BSE, Princeton University '90
  • M.A., Secondary Education Seton Hall University '93
  • J.D., University of Pennsylvania Law School '00

Fred Hargadon

Dean of Admission

  • Swarthmore College
  • Stanford University
  • Princeton University

Don Betterton

Financial Aid Expert

  • Director of Financial Aid, Princeton University (1973-2006)
  • Certified College Planner
  • Principal, Betterton College Planning

Seamus Malin

Admission Expert

  • Harvard University
    Dir. of Financial Aid
    Asst. Dean of Admission
    International Office Director

A Simple Quiz

Karl Schellscheidt

eprep test prep videoThe quiz below was sent to me by a friend via e-mail today. I am not sure who authored it, but I decided to post it because I think it tests the kind of mental sharpness that the SAT and other standardized tests reward. The answers are posted in the first comment below. (I’ll admit that I missed one of them myself.)

1. Do they have a 4th of July in England?

2. How many birthdays does the average person have?

3. Some months have 31 days, how many have 28?

4. How many outs are there in an inning of baseball?

5. Is it legal for a man in California to marry his widow’s sister?

6. Divide 30 by ½ and add 10. What is the answer?

7. If there are three apples and you take away 2, how many do you have?

8. How many animals of each sex did Moses take on the ark?

9. How many two cent stamps are there in a dozen?

10. A farmer has 17 sheep, and all but 9 die. How many are left?

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